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Firearm Training Online Courses

Instead of sitting for hours in a classroom full of people you don't know, complete your firearm training from the comfort of your home. This online class can be taken from almost any smartphone, tablet or computer and from anywhere in the world. Just login and begin watching the videos. You do not have to be located in Texas to take the online course Start at any time and complete at your own pace.

Interested in getting your License to Carry (LTC) take the LTC certification course. 

Online Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class

  • Official Texas DPS Approved License to Carry (LTC) Course​

  • Immediate access after purchase

  • Meets Texas Law with a State Certified Instructor

  • Take the class Online from anywhere at anytime

  • Texas License to Carry benefits: Concealed and Open Carry License, Carry in more locations, Carry in 37 States, Campus Carry, School Zone Carry, Peace of Mind, No background checks with gun purphases

  • 4 hours long, broken into 15-20 minute segments, Start at any time and complete at your own pace

License to Carry Online Refresher Class

  • Designed for Existing LTC/CHL Holders​

  • Refresh your knowledge on New LTC Laws

  • Texas no longer requires a renewal class for you License to Carry a Handgun. It is every LTC/CHL holders responsibility to stay up to date on current laws and regulations.

  • If you have had your LTC for 2 or more years, this is for you

  • 2.5 hours long, broken into 15-20 minute segments, Start at any time and complete at your own pace

Texas Permitless Carry Online Course

  • No test, no shooting demonstration, no applications required​

  • Learn the laws for Texas permitless / constitutional carry 

  • Concealed and Open Carry without a License

  • Topics covered: How to interact with law enforcement and crisis situations, eligibility requirements for permitless carry in Texas, which handguns and holsters you can carry, which signs prohibit the carry of firearms in private businesses

  • 1 hour long, Start at any time and complete at your own pace

Basic Firearm Safety 101 Online Course

  • Completely Free Online Course

  • Covers Basics of Firearm Safety

  • This class is meant to give a foundation for new firearm owners and is a great review for existing firearm owners. Our goal is for every person to be responsible and safe with their guns.

  • Will cover the following topics: Safety Rules, Range Safety, Safe Storage, How to load/unload, Nomenclature, Semi-Auto Handguns, Revolver, AR-15, Shotguns, & Bolt Action Rifes

  • 40 minutes long. Start at any time and complete at your own pace

The Art of Concealment - Online Class

  • Perfect for anyone with a Texas LTC, getting their LTC, or just wanting to conceal carry.

  • Drawing from a concealed holster

  • Dry fire practice - Skill development

  • Learn how to select the proper equipment

  • Take the class from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Basic Firearm Safety 101 Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate of Completion for Basic Firearm Safety 101 Class. The class is free, however a certificate of completion is not included with the free registration. 

  • Basic Firearm Safety 101 Class must be completed

  • The certificate will contain the course name, your name, the completion date and the instructor’s name.
  • Emailed and Downloadable in PDF Format

Featured Online Classes

Get your LTC in 3 easy steps

1. The License to Carry a Handgun class is required by Texas DPS in order to apply for an LTC. This 4hr course can be taken at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

2. The shooting qualification, known as the proficiency demonstration, is completed after the online class with any Texas LTC instructor

3. Submit your LTC application online with Texas DPS, get fingerprinted, then submit the training documents and wait for your license to arrive in the mail

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