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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions

No prior experience or knowledge is needed to take our online firearms classes. 

Whether you are brand new to firearms and gun ownership or are an experienced shooter, our classes are for everyone to learn something new.

Is this online License to Carry Course approved by Texas DPS?

Yes! The instructor, Joel Kuchenski, is an LTC Instructor and approved online course provider with Texas DPS RSD. Certificates can be provided upon request.

Absolutely. You do not have to start the class right away. Most of our courses come with access for 6 months. You can begin the course at any time during that period.

Not at all! Texas issues non resident LTC’s as well. The proficiency demonstration (shooting qualification) must be completed in Texas. TX DPS does not allow the proficiency demonstration to be administered outside of the state. For this reason, if you see a company advertising an LTC outside of Texas, it will not be for a Texas LTC. They are selling licenses for other states, that are also good in Texas. This is not nearly as beneficial as having an actual Texas LTC though.

ATX License to Carry has partnered with license to carry instructors across Texas to make the search as easy as possible. On the proficiency demonstration page is a search tool to locate an LTC instructor. If there is not one near you, please contact us to help find one for you. 

The license to carry class test only consist of 25 questions that are multiple choice and true/false type questions. That’s it! Most of the questions are common sense as well.

3 attempts are allowed by DPS to complete the test

Can my friend take a class I already purchased and completed?

​No. Every student needs their own account to take the classes. Only the person that purchased the class will be issued a certificate of completion. 

Permiteless / Constitutional Carry or the License to Carry? Which is Best?

The Texas License to Carry a Handgun, or commonly known as the concealed handgun license and concealed carry permit, does not go away with the passage of permitless carry (also referred to as constitutional carry) in Texas. The LTC remains the best option for concealed and open carry in the state and is extremely beneficial to have if you plan to carry a handgun. 

A few benefits of an LTC include:

  • Carry in More Loations

  • Legal Protections

  • Trespass Protections

  • Carry in 37 States

  • Campus Carry

  • School Zone Carry

  • Law Enforcement Interactions

  • Knowledge of Gun Laws

  • No Background Checks for Gun Purchases

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